In anticipation of this weekend’s launch, here goes a closer look at our take on the Instapump Fury. As mentioned before, our iteration goes the whole nine, runs the full court, touches ‘em all, goes the distance, and whatever other sports analogies might fit this instance to put on proudly for our hometown purple and teal. A mutual celebration of our history and future, this design takes our “Hornet’s Nest” sobriquet as literally as humanly possible, driving home the reference with the colorway, graphics, logo, etc. We know this weekend will be a brain-wracking experience for sneaker heads all over, so let’s help you make the best decision – BUY THESE!

Jordans and Nikes just gonna get re-released in a year or two anyways, but these? One time only son. Whatchu’ gon’ do?

Shouts out to Hypebeast for helping us break the news last week, and big thanks to all the other spots that picked up the news and helped get the buzz going – yes, pun intended.

Available 7/5 In-store and Online
Blue/Purple/Black/3M – V6140