At the behest of the fairer half of our fan base, we’ve lately began to dig into Nike & Jordan’s offerings for women. But when a men’s shop crosses with women’s footwear, kid’s gear is the inevitable outcome. So, we decided to put our best foot forward and start off our foray into the 10 & under kick game with some heat.

Now just because we’ve had way more of Bron-Bron’s signatures in stock doesn’t mean we don’t have love for the Black Mamba – or whatever animal form his sneakers decide to take. While not as notoriously heavy duty as his South Beach counterpart’s shoes, the combination of synthetic uppers and stiff support system actually makes this a much better choice for kids. Given their tendency to play without much regard to their attire ( a trait callously abandoned once they break the teens), parents looking to provide their tikes with durability without sacrificing looks should probably opt for these.

Available in sizes 10c – 3y.

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